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September 2011
Leyte, Philippines
San Roque Elementary School

Antal Gergics
Antal Gergics

More than a school. An in-depth program for better development of children in Philippines

An in-depth program for the improvement of teaching and living standards for San Roque Elementary School students

As the saying goes, one does not learn for school, but for life. This is exactly the principle we apply to our help in Philippines: additionally to a solid schooling background in buildings renovated by us, children learn additional skills important for life, not always found in the poverty-ridden region of Leyte, Philippines: it goes from correct body hygiene to food / vegetable cultivationa. Chronically undernourished children receive a warm meal in the school kitchen.


This school project is dedicated to Antal Gergic. We thank you in the name of all beneficiaries for your engagement and your support for this school.

Philippines is a natural paradise. For inhabitants of this island nation, life is difficult. Poverty abounds in this country – continuously more people seek their fortune abroad, earning money as nannies, cleaning staff, construction workers, sailors or carers, sending their salaries home to their families. This needs to be turned around. As long as universal education is not available to people from all social backgrounds, they will continue to live under the poverty line and be unable to feed or send their children to school. As if that were not enough: Philippines is one of the countries most affected by global climate change.

poor children Philippines
poor children Philippines
poor children Philippines

Help for San Roque Elementary School in Leyte, Philippines

San Roque Elementary School lies on the southern tip of Philippine island Leyte. In 2011, we started supporting San Roque Elementary School, joining project partner KinderHilfe Philippinen e.V., who have been doing social work for the past 25 years in the area. At project commencement, 450 students were enrolled in elementary school.

School kids on the Philippines
old school building
Old school building
Old school building

A better future: learning for life.

Our goal is the improvement of teaching and living standards in San Roque Elementary School. Renovating the old building, reinforcing it and making it safe against natural disasters leads to improved educational and health standards for the children.


Ensuring an environment conducive to learning

The school campus is made up of separate ground-level buildings. Most of them needed repairs, since no maintenance had been done. Additionally, the entire campus was anything but an ideal learning environment for students and teachers, due to cracked cement floors, leaking roofs, defective fans, unbearable heat in the classrooms, broken toilets and missing hand wash sinks.


As a first step, the school was renovated from the ground up, expanded by a library and a computer lab.


Opening San Roque Elementary School
Opening San Roque Elementary School
Opening San Roque Elementary School

Secured against natural disasters

Climate change and its effects in the form of natural disasters are especially felt in Philippines. For this reason, it was important that the renovated San Roque Elementary School buildings be sturdy enough to withstand typhoons, earthquakes and flooding. We are proud that the school was awarded for this and now provides a safe haven for the community in case of emergency. More details here.


Training and continued education for better quality teaching

Well-trained teaching staff is as important as modern methods and materials (such as computers) for continued success. This is where, with your contributions, the Child & Family Foundation comes in. It is especially important to tailor the lesson plans to the regional needs, where poverty and malnutrition abound and foodstuffs are extremely costly. Agricultural and nutritional expertise  are essential not only in the teaching plan but for the entire community.

School garden San Roque Elementary School
Teachers in School / Child & Family Foundation
School garden at the San Roque Elementary School

A nutritional program against hunger

Poverty and local circumstances, such as sandy earth impeding agriculture and plant growth, lead to massive hunger and malnutrition amongst children.

This has heavy consequences, causing irreparable damage to brain development and increasing illness proneness.

School nurse / Child & Family Foundation

In 2013, to promote childrens' healthy growth, the Child & Family Foundation started a Health and Nutrition Program. In cooperation with teachers and parents, hungry and malnourished students receive a warm meal. There are currently 115 students enrolled in this programme.  Additionally, Greenfinity Foundation planted an organic school garden, from which the school kitchen will source fresh produce.

Health & Nutrition Program
Health & Nutrition Program
Health & Nutrition Program

Hygiene habits for a healthier life

Poverty has vast consequences. Often there is insufficient money or knowledge for proper personal hygiene. In 2014, we started a hygiene program which provided students with body care products. Children learn proper personal hygiene through specialized lessons, since washing their hands and brushing their teeth contribute to their long-term health.

Hygiene Program
Hygiene Program
Hygiene Program

Together for a long-term improved quality of life

Assorted costs for maintenance are covered by the Child & Family Foundation. Educational and continued education offers are constantly supervised and reviewed.

To ensure long-term support, parents must be made aware that education provides a ticket out of poverty.


Only when school directors, teachers, parents and the town community believe in and actively improve teaching and living quality, will the goal of our program be reached- to provide benefits beyond the educational aspect. We are particularly happy that the school garden project started by the Greenfinity Foundation has become an integral part of the community.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Projekt Location

Padre Burgos, Southern Leyte, Philippines

Project period
Since September 2011
Convenantee group

350 - 450 children from the Padre Burgos community attending the San Roque Elementary School. Additionally the local population benefits from the newly created infrastructure and the training and continuous education opportunities.

Project partner

Kinderhilfe Philippinen, e.V, Mainz (renovation) (

San Roque Elementary School (Health & Nutrition program, Hygiene program)

Greenfinity Foundation


  • Structural renovation and expansion of the school
  • Health & Nutrition Program
  • Hygiene program
  • Installation of a computer room and a library
  • Teacher training
  • Running maintenance and upkeep of infrastructure
San Roque Elementary School