Teachers and students celebrate the official "Teachers' Day" together

Every year in October the teachers in the Philippines celebrate the official "Teachers' Day". Even the San Roque Elementary School takes part in the celebrations.

San Roque Elementary School - Teachers Day - Educational Project of the  Child & Family Foundation

The students and parents use this day to pay tribute to their teachers for their selfless work. This day is particularly special at the San Roque Elementary School, as the teachers, parents and children have worked together in various areas such as the school garden or the school kitchen. The children performed a short show programme for their teachers, after which each teacher was individually called to the stage in order to receive a personal thank you, flowers as well as a thank-you card. It's amazing to see how the teachers, parents and students at this school have become a close-knit community and on behalf of the Lyoness Child & Family Foundation we would like to thank the teachers for their incredible work.