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pupils are visiting the schools which we support.


hours are spent teaching as part of our educational projects every year.

The core areas of our educational work

Under the guiding principle “Education. Opportunities. Future.” we have committed ourselves to using education to help others help themselves. To achieve this goal, we want to improve the living conditions of financially, physically or mentally disadvantaged children, adolescents and their families. Our educational focus lies on the following core areas:

Early childhood education and early childhood intervention

In this area, we focus on supporting children up to pre-school age. With parental involvement, we concentrate on language, movement, music and social behaviour. In addition, the Child & Family Foundation realises and supports teaching and therapeutic measures.

Early childhood intervention
Education for a better future

School education

A major focus of our work lies on promoting adequate school education, from primary school to school leaving certificate. We campaign for children and adolescents to receive age-appropriate general education.

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child from 1989, stating that every child is entitled to education, serves as our general principle. In order to turn this right into reality, we build schools or provide existing education facilities with necessary support by renovating, adapting and extending the infrastructure or providing missing educational material.

Adult education and raising awareness

While the education of children is of great importance, it is equally relevant for adolescents and adults who have never learnt how to write, read or calculate. We want to use our projects to give these people new opportunities.

Sewing courses

We see adult education as more than just further training. It is also a crucial contribution to social and economic development as well as to awareness raising.

For this reason, we don't focus only on school education and further training in this area, but also facilitate vocational measures and programmes.

Advancement of equal opportunities

Together with our project partners, we support children, adolescents and young adults with special needs by means of various educational programmes and advancement measures. We want to enable them to lead an independent life or make their life easier and so provide for more equal opportunities.

Advancement of equal opportunities

Immediate aid

We develop our projects for the long-term and focus on the highest-possible level of sustainability. Nevertheless, there may be circumstances, like storms, extreme droughts or broken-down school busses, which need immediate and short-term support, before we can even be able to focus on education. In such cases we provide immediate aid so that we can achieve our long-term goals.