Ambassadors of the Child & Family Foundation


An ambassador of the Child & Family Foundation (CFF) is a dedicated individual or a team of marketing experts and entrepreneurs who play a crucial role in promoting our mission. Our ambassadors are selected from both private individuals and teams who are passionate about supporting philanthropic causes and have the desire to make a positive impact on the lives of children and families worldwide.


Who can be a CFF Ambassador?

1. Private Individuals: Individuals who are passionate about supporting charitable causes and have the time and resources to contribute to CFF's mission.

2. Teams of Marketing Experts and Entrepreneurs: Groups of professionals who want to use their skills and networks to make a difference in the lives of disadvantaged children and people in precarious situations.


What does it mean to be a CFF Ambassador?

- Promotion and Advocacy: Ambassadors actively promote the CFF, both offline and online. This includes representing the CFF at events, organizing activities such as "Angel for a Day," and seeking new partners and donors.

- Project Collaboration: Ambassadors can collaborate directly or indirectly with CFF projects. This collaboration can take various forms, such as providing time, sharing innovative ideas, or making additional donations to support specific projects.

- Financial Support: Ambassadors are encouraged to contribute to financial sustainability through donations to support our work.

- Social Media Engagement: Ambassadors use their presence on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to raise awareness of CFF initiatives and mobilize their networks to support the cause.


Why become a CFF Ambassador?

Becoming a CFF Ambassador offers the opportunity to make a significant difference in the lives of needy children and families worldwide. It allows individuals and teams to translate their passion for philanthropic causes into concrete actions that have a lasting impact on people in precarious situations. Through collaboration, advocacy, and financial support, CFF Ambassadors play a crucial role in helping us create a better future for children and families around the world.


In summary, a Child & Family Foundation Ambassador is a passionate advocate and supporter who works hand in hand with the CFF to have a sustainable positive impact through financial contributions, project collaboration, and active promotion of our organization's work. By becoming ambassadors, individuals and teams can become part of our global community dedicated to creating positive change in the world.