Facts & Figures

32,000 beneficiaries

are part of our aid projects

10 schools

provide education to children who would otherwise not go to school

23,000 meals

are prepared for malnourished pupils each year at the San Roque Elementary School

Tip: In Austria, your donations are tax deductable. Please also bear in mind that if a project needs help urgently, we have to make sure that we are able to help our beneficiaries quickly und unbureaucratically, so we reserve the right to support projects which might need help more badly than others do.

Become a Christmas angel for a child in need!


With just 25 euros this Christmas you can give one of the greatest gifts there is: the chance for a better life!


Because just 25 euros makes an important contribution that helps a child to attend school for several weeks.

All over the world, children, young people and entire families suffer from poverty, exclusion and lack of prospects. Many never get the chance to attend school, never learn to read or write their entire lives, and thus have little chance of escaping the poverty trap. This is exactly where our school projects come in, with which we try to educate as many children from the poorest backgrounds as possible and give them the tools to build a better life for themselves. In order for us to succeed, we need your support, because as a charitable organization we depend on donations to be able to finance our projects.


Let's become Christmas angels together this Christmas and give children the opportunity for a self-determined future! 25 euros are already enough to help a child to attend school for several weeks.


Join us and become a Christmas angel for a child. Your 25 euros can help to change a life forever.

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