An academic year under difficult circumstances


Corona has changed everyone’s lives and affects people, including children and families, in countries where it is already difficult to survive.

At our school in the Philippines the world of the teachers, pupils and parents has changed markedly since March 2020. The pandemic which caused the whole world to hold its breath arrived on the small island Leyte in the Philippines at the end of the academic year. The small island which lives off fishing and some tourism, was very badly hit by the pandemic restrictions. Between March and October the San Roque Elementary School was closed. The building was used as emergency accommodation and the teachers didn’t have access to it during this time. Many parents, teachers and children now fear for their existence and normal life has come to a standstill. Everyone is fighting for their own survival, that of their families and their nearest and dearest. One positive thing which ahs come out of this is that the school opened again normally as of October und a sense of normality has returned. However, the effect which the pandemic has had on the people living on this tiny island are plain to see and our support is more important than ever.

San Roque Elementary School
Shanti Public School
Shanti Public School