Christmas magic in the Philippines: 100kg of rice for 20 families

As a special Christmas surprise, families in the Philippines received a huge sack of rice. With this valuable donation, the Child & Family Foundation has secured warm meals for these families.

When the prices for staple foods increase

The Philippines have had to transition from a rice exporting to a rice importing country - and with drastic consequences. Firstly, many farmers have lost their land and secondly, the inhabitants are now dependent on the imports and the price development on the global market. The increase in food prices hit the country particularly hard in 2008 and has resulted in the malnourishment and hunger.

The simplest gifts often bring the greatest joy

Many families do not have the means to procure larger gifts. But most of their wishes revolve around covering their basic needs. As in 2016, the Child and Family Foundation has once again dedicated itself to provide people on the Philippines with a wonderful Christmas celebration.

20 families in the region of San Roque received a 5kg bag of rice. Such a seemingly simple present is in fact a great help to the families in need and has thus ensured that a limited household budget is spared and hungry mouths are fed.

San Roque Elementary School – Christmas - Educational Project of the Child & Family Foundation