Organic+ donates products for the San Roque School

The cooperation with Oragnic+ startet with the donation of a vitamin drink für our nutrition programme

To kick off our new collaborative project, Organic+ presented the pupils of the San Roque Elementary School with a very special gift.  As part of our health and nutrition program, we had the opportunity to present the school, in the presence of the Greenfinity Foundation as well, with Organic+ All in One Drinks, which are intended as a form of vitamin cure for the malnourished children. 

Since the start of our Health and Nutrition Program in 2013 we have been able to substantially improve the nutritional standards of many families in the region.  The generous donation provided by our new partner, Organic+ made it possible for us to provide the children, who suffer from pronounced vitamin deficiency, with a highly-concentrated vitamin cure.

Food and Nutrition programme auf den Philippinen
Food and Nutrition programme auf den Philippinen

Fighting malnutrition

Our nutritional program provides the pupils with the nutrients they need sustainably and in the long-term. This, in turn, helps to promote healthy growth. At the beginning in particular, when the children have only just been accepted onto the program, many of them suffer from such a pronounced nutrient deficiency that, even by providing them with sufficient healthy food, it is not possible to restore their nutrient levels quickly. 

A sweet form of refreshment

Anyone who has a child knows that it is not always easy to get children excited about taking dietary supplements.  Even if the body badly needs the additional micronutrients, the children find it difficult to swallow the tablets. 

For this reason, the All in One Drink is a sensible addition to our nutritional program as it includes a balanced combination of 13 vitamins and ten minerals.  Thanks to its natural sweetness, originating from the red grape juice concentrate and acerola fruit powder which it contains, the children do not feel like they are drinking a highly-concentrated dietary supplement, but rather learn to look forward to a 'sweet, refreshing' drink each day.

We would like to thank our new partners for this generous donation, on behalf of Greenfinity Foundation and the San Roque Elementary School!