The holidays are the perfect time to renovate the San Roque Elementary School

Offering our children a positive future not only requires untiring dedication from both the parents and teachers, but also continuous material investments. Great tasks are undertaken every single day at the San Roque Elementary School in the Philippines to allow the students a solid education.

In order for the students to have a child appropriate learning environment, the CFF decided, in agreement with those in charge of the school, to implement several renovations and repairs to the building during the summer break.

San Roque Elementary School - Emergency Exit - An Educational Project of the Child & Family Foundation

A new exit was constructed which allows for a further escape route during an emergency. The school building is therefore made even more secure, which is of great importance as the building is used also as an evacuation centre during a crisis. Furthermore, the entire school was repainted.

The biggest project by far was the extensive drainage system, which prohibits the school from becoming flooded and subsequently damaged by heavy rainfalls. Nearly all the works were completed in a timely manner and the building shined in new splendour by the time all the students returned to school after the summer holidays.

We wish every student at the San Roque Elementary School all the best for the next school year and would like to thank everyone who helped with the renovations.