Well-protected against natural disasters

A school given the highest awards for safety standards

We want to know San Roque Elementary students are safe when typhoons sweep over the coast and earthquakes shake the islands. We are happy to have succeeded in safety measures proving their worth.

Life-threatening consequences of climate change

According to recent studies, Philippines is one of the countries most affected by climate change. All year long, strong typhoons leave a trail of devastation. Inhabitants must also deal with earthquakes and prolonged rainfall. According to the UN, in 2011 the country was Number 3 on the Probability for Natural Disasters List. Additionally, Philippines is one of 5 countries whose population will suffer the most from global sea level rise.

Safe from natural disasters

In view of these dire circumstances, we wanted to provide maximum support for San Roque Elementary School students' safety against natural disasters.

Over the past few years, school building renovations focussed especially on making it typhoon- and earthquake-proof, to also be used as an evacuation centre in case of emergencies. Anti-flooding drainage and an emergency exit door were installed, to further increase safety for teachers and students.


Kids in the rain

That the school can withstand a typhoon was proven in 2013. At that time, Typhoon Haiyan buffeted Leyte Island with sustained winds of over 300 kms/hr. Tacloban, the city in close proximity, was largely destroyed. More than 6,000 people lost their lives. San Roque Elementary School withstood the brunt of the tropical storm and provided inhabitants a roof over their head during this difficult time.

With support from the Child & Family Foundation, the school became one of the safest in the country, receiving the respectable Eskwela Award in 2014 - an honour only conferred to schools with the highest safety standards.

Brigada Eskwela Award