School dedication ceremony in the Philippines that moved to tears

Antal Gergics and his team visiting San Roque Elementary School

Early March, Antal Gergics and his team, project sponsors from the beginning, visited San Roque Elementary School and student representative Lorant Tengeresz.

Graduation gifts

Because the visit coincided with schoolyear-end, he and his team did not want to arrive empty-handed. The day became a great celebration for the kids.

Rehearsals for the visit, involving kids, teachers and parents, ran all week, culminating in a grandiose welcome, which resulted in a few visitors' shedding tears.

Aufführung für den hohen Besuch

All wishes were fulfilled when each child received a gift and everyone sat down for a shared meal. Together they played, sang and celebrated. Additionally, guests were shown all classrooms and the school garden.

Antal Gergic and team eats at the San Roque Elementary School

Praise for Antal and Lorant

Praise was given in honour of Antal Gergics' school sponsorship and a classroom was dedicated to Lorant Tengeresz.


We at Child & Family Foundation, all school kids, teachers and parents would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to sponsors and supporters for the visit, the gifts, the shared meal, their donations and long-term assistance.


We would also like to thank all sponsors who have been with us for so many years, enabling these kids a chance at a brighter, autonomous future.

We are thankful for the suport at the san roque elementary
Antal Gergic and Lorant Tengeresz
Child & Family Foundation and Antal Gergic bring presents to the kids on the Philippines