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January 2010
La Ceiba, Honduras
Centro Educativo CFF

Mario Oreggia
Mario Oreggia

The first Child und Family Foundation school – the Centro Educativo CFF

Construction and establishment of an elementary school for children from impoverished backgrounds

As numerous children in Honduras are not granted access to an education, the Child & Family Foundation decided to establish the Centro Educativo CFF on the outskirts of the port of La Ceiba. Children from the surrounding poor neighbourhoods have been attending the school since 2012. The Child & Family Foundation bears all the costs for running as well as for the entire equipment of materials for the students, food and transportation to the school are carried.


School dedication: Mario Oreggia; We thank you in the  name of the beneficiaries for your commitment  and your relentless dedication to this school.

No future for Kids in honduras

Education opportunities define the future standard of living

In Honduras approximately 50% of the children don't have a primary school qualifications. Even where the school enrolment rate is approximately 90%, the children still only attend school for 6-7 years and often leave without any qualifications. This means they don't have a basis on which to build a successful future for themselves.

Education for all – a vision between wish and reality

Honduras has made great efforts to expand the school system in recent years and to enable at least primary education throughout the country. But unfortunately there are gaps in this school system. The teachers are often poorly trained, and the schools in a very bad condition. The quality of the education suffers because of the lack of teaching materials. Many children do not go to school because they have to work to provide their families with financial support.

poverty in Honduras
poverty in Honduras

Without schooling, people barely stand a chance of escaping poverty and improving their standard of living.  If they do not go to school, this diminishes the prospects of finding employment and a secure livelihood. Education means literacy.  Knowledge and career paths become available, which would usually remain inaccessible to those with lower education levels.

Armut ist ein Teufelskreislauf

Education. Opportunities. Future.

To counteract the unfavourable conditions in La Ceiba, Honduras, we decided to build a primary school together with the project partner, the Medical Center La Ceiba Foundation in 2010.

The goal was to build a primary school for the kids from poor backgrounds to give them access to education and to improve their quality of life and their chances on the work market.

A new School: the Centro Educativo CFF

In July 2010 the construction works started and the project was realized in two phases.

Chancengleichheit für Kinder in Honduras- Spatenstrich für die neue Schule
Ausbau für Zukunft für Kinder in Honduras

Six classrooms, one for each grade, a pre-school class, two work rooms, a dining hall with connected kitchen, a computer room with library, a conference room, administrative rooms, storage rooms and an outdoor facility have been built.

Bildung für arme Kinder in Honduras

In July 2012 the school building was completed on the around 7,000 square metre premises. On the 23rd of August the school was inaugurated with a huge ceremony.

Do not leave anything to chance! First day of school for 60 kids from La Ceiba

60 kids - 30 pre-schoolers and 30 reception class kids – started their school life 2012, as we started the Centro Educativo CFF with a four-month trial run to optimise organisational processes and to implement the Education Programme. Today, there are approximately 200 boys and girls from the La Ceiba region taught in 6 classrooms.

A tailored education program

With the Centro Educativo CFF in Honduras we wanted to offer more than just learning reading, writing and maths. So our own education concept became necessary which specifies the pedagogical guidelines, the educational objectives and the structures. The education programme was developed jointly with experienced teachers.

For us it was particularly important for this to be based on the curriculum of the Republic of Honduras and also for the values and the Foundation’s goals: solidarity, autonomy and community.

• Language • Environment and technology • Health and exercise • Creativity and music

To enable the children to have the best-possible opportunities in the future, there are four main teaching focuses. Depending on their interests and abilities, children can continue their education in many different areas.

Schooling for all: enrolment at Centro Educativo CFF

The school also offers children with handicaps and special needs the unique opportunity to experience accessible learning. Permanent ramps in the school building and an integrative support programme help the children in their everyday school life.

Werte vermitteln in der Child & Family Schule in Honduras

Fürs Leben lernen wir

We are also endeavouring to teach the children and youths social skills as well as enabling them to have a school education in the conventional sense. Teaching values such as community spirit, friendship, self-confidence, willingness to help, hard work and a sense of responsibility play an important role here.

A successfully completed education needs support from parents, teachers and kids

Parents must realise the importance of an education, to ensure their kids attend class regularly and do not break off their studies. This is why Centro Educativo CFF strongly believes in parental and community involvement, to ensure universal access to education.

Bildung für Kinder in HOnduras mit Hilfe der Child & Family Foundation
HIlfe bei Schulbindung- Schulputz in Honduras- Elterinitiative

More than just a school

Building the first Cashback World School will not only give children and youths a well-founded school education, it will also give adults the opportunity to continue their education. The aim is for the school building to serve for a long time as a place of education and also become a social meeting place for the local population.

Perspektiven schaffen für Kinder in Hoduras
Lernen um Zukunft zu generieren
Zukunftschance in Honduras durch Schule der Child & Family Foundation

At a glance

Projekt Info
Projekt Location

La Ceiba, Honduras

Project period
Seit 2010 laufend

The complete operation as well as the entire equipment of materials for the students, food and transportation to the school are carried by the Child & Family Foundation.

Concrete Realisation
  • Construction of a new school
  • Development of an educational program
  • Funding ongoing school activity
Convenantee group

Children and adolescents in need in La Ceiba and the surrounding area - in 2023 more than 250 children are already attending classes at the Centro Educativo CFF.

Project partner

Medical Centre La Ceiba Foundation (construction phase)


The Centro Educativo CFF, built by Child & Family Foundation, has made it possible for children from disadvantaged backgrounds to gain access to education since September 2012. The school with disabled access also has diverse further education options on offer for adults. The six classrooms, the computer room with adjoining library, as well as the expansive grounds, create an ideal learning environment and open up new professional and personal future prospects.

Centro Educativo CFF