The final sprint for Escuela Lyoness: the end of term and the Christmas holidays are calling!

At the end of the school year, there was still lot's going on: The Honduran pupils, their parents and teachers, weren't just celebrating the last day of term before the long holidays.

When the year comes to an end in Honduras, the Escuela Lyoness' hundreds of pupils are already in holiday spirit.  The main holidays take place at the turn of the year before the new school year starts in February.  The week of final tests at the end of November was awaited with baited breath.  The children and teenagers weren't nervous before the exams, instead they were simply keen to prove their keenly-acquired knowledge – which they managed to do in style!

christmas honduras escuela
escuela Lyoness christmas

A musical closing ceremony ...

After the children had passed the exams, they could begin celebrating! The entire school gathered unanimously in the dining room.  Prior to this, the entire building was cleaned by professors, pupils and parents and prepared for the next semester.  The school was then appropriately decorated and thus nothing else stood in the way of the celebration! After the grades had been sent to the Ministry for Education and the diplomas has arrived in a timely fashion, the Head Mistress, Claudia Maute, was able to present both medals of honour and leaving certificates.  The best pupils received a prize for attendance, discipline, work ethic and good grades – a fantastic reward for the hard-working teenagers.  At the end of the ceremony, a farewell song was sung.


… and a very Merry Christmas

After the festive ceremony, the Christmas party was held.  Professors, pupils and parents sang Christmas carols together and presented gifts to one another.  To get everyone in the mood for the Christmas holiday, a dinner was organised which all thoroughly enjoyed. Special occasions are always something to celebrate!