Business before pleasure

he beginning of April was an intense time for the students of the Escuela Lyoness in Honduras as they had to pass the spring term exams.

As a reward for all their hard work, once the exams were completed, they had a picnic to celebrate the start of the Spring Break. Teacher, Raul, and the Student Government made arrangements to hire a bouncy castle and two pools from the "vida major" youth group for the occasion. They also managed to finance another pool through funds raised by a donation campaign, and the children had a great time jumping around on the bouncy castle and splashing in the pools. In addition, the Student Government also donated ice cream and, together with birthday cake in honour of the children who had birthdays in March and April, the children enjoyed a sweet treat. The fun at the picnic made all their hard work worthwhile. It was a day full of laughter and fun and a great way to start the Spring Break.