A Mother's Day Celebration

It's celebrated all over the globe - Mother's Day.  As in many countries of the world, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May in Honduras.  For the mothers of the pupils attending Escuela Lyoness, the day before was also very special: On Saturday 11th May, the school put on the annual Mother's Day celebration which was a roaring success yet again this year.

More than 200 children spend most of their day in the classrooms of the Escuela Lyoness and learn about everything from sciences to languages to social skills, all that is considered necessary to secure a successful future.  At a school of this size, the school day is always busy, however in the weeks leading up to Mother's Day there was particular excitement.  If you were to walk through the corridors of the school during this period, you would witness children painting, gluing and sticking, and rehearsing and, in the playground, conversations revolved around the preparations for the Mother's Day celebrations.

Mothers Day Honduras Celebration
Mothers Day Honduras Celebration

Practice makes perfect!

Weeks before the big day, the pupils began learning poems and song lyrics and studying choreography.  Some pupils even rehearsed plays or excerpts thereof whilst others wrote poems.  The entire school was involved in the preparations for the celebrations, from the youngest pupils in the pre-school to the teachers on the staff.


A roaring success

On the afternoon of 11th May, it was time.  All mothers and many fathers arrived to celebrate a truly wonderful day of festivities with their children.  It was a day of joy, laughter, lovely moments and even some tears when things got emotional.  The pupils of the Escuela Lyoness achieved great things and created lovely presents for their mothers - an unforgettable time spent together.