How's Escuela Lyoness' computer room coming along

Modern technology has become an indispensable part of classroom infrastructure.

From the very first day of school, most children are confronted not only with textbooks but also with computers and the digital reality which defines modern-day society.  Unfortunately, many schools and children all over the world have no way of accessing the internet, computers and technology in general. 

new computer room Honduras escuela
new computer room Honduras escuela

Since the Escuela Lyoness was founded in La Ceiba, Honduras in 2012, the Child & Family Foundation have ploughed huge effort into providing the pupils with the optimum learning environment and advanced teaching materials – this started with the teachers themselves and the improvement of the school's infrastructure and went on to include teaching materials, timetables, sports programmes, laboratories, workshops and computers. 

In 2019, the Child & Family Foundation renovated the Escuela Lyoness' entire computer room, thanks to a great deal of time and effort.  The old computers which had been in use since 2012 were no longer able to meet the children's requirements where software and speed was concerned.  So, last year, 20 brand new computers were purchased, equipped with the most up-to-date programmes and were installed in the school's computer room.



In keeping with Honduran educational policy, the school offers courses in IT to all pupils. Professor Raul Oseguera, who is also the school's English teacher, shares his many years of experience with the pupils.  Thanks to his methods and charismatic personaly, IT lessons have become the children's favourite subject.