Living and learning under extraordinarily difficult circumstances

Like in many other countries, some of the measures taken to combat the spread of the pandemic involved shutting businesses and institutions.

So, after just a few weeks of term, in mid March 2020, all of our pupils had to stay at home and try to continue learning from a distance.

Unfortunately, our children all come from very precarious social backgrounds, which means, most of them don't even have a computer at home or access to internet. The most effective and only way to communicate with them and to keep them learning during this period was to provide them with photocopies. Professors had to drive to school several times during the week and photocopy the homework and exercises for their pupils. Then, the children could pick them up and learn effectively from home. Some teachers offered home-schooling to a small group of children once or twice a week to keep up the personal contact with them. On World Children's Day, professors brought their students gifts. This was a beacon of hope in the midst of the pandemic.

However, the situation has neither changed nor improved since then. The country's economy is at risk and this is directly affecting our pupils' families. Many of them have lost their jobs or their source of income has been drastically reduced due to pandemic measures.
We are asking our donors to support this school project now more than ever since inflation began, as the rise in prices has rendered basic items unaffordable. This damages not only the educational system but also impoverishes these children and their families even more so.