Raring to go for the new school year

Every beginning has it's own magic. Children around the world can feel it before the start of a new school year - and the pupils of Escuela Lyoness are no different. On the first day of school this year, which was the 4th of February, the school halls were full of smiling, enthusiastic, chatty children.

The days running up to the start of a new school year are an exciting time for many children, filled with anticipation of being reunited with classmates, and wondering what the new year will bring. Whilst children on the western industrialised side of the world are often sad to see the end of the long summer holidays, the pupils from Escuela Lyoness are full of excitement and gratitude for another year at school. Even though they are still so young, they understand that a good education in their country is not guaranteed.

Preparing the school

As the long summer break came to a close at the end of January, there was already lots of activity on the school grounds, as the full school staff got things ready for the start of a new school year. As the children enjoyed their last few days of school holidays, their teachers were already working out the lesson plan for the coming year.

As at the beginning of every school year, the full staff also gave the school a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Every room was given a good going over, all the floors were scrubbed and the windows polished until they shone. To finish it off, each teacher then decorated their own classroom.  They then invited the parents to the school to inform them about the upcoming year, fill them in on the school rules and regulations, and to answer any questions they had.

schulstart escuela honduras
schulstart honduras escuela

New computers for modern education

Our goal is to guarantee the children the best possible education. As well as dedicated teachers, having the right equipment for the school is one of our top priorities. In this modern day world, where everything is computerised, comprehensive IT lessons are one of the most important foundations for professional success later in life - and a way out of poverty. That's why we supported Escuela Lyoness by providing it with the necessary funds to purchase new computers when the computer room was set up. Just before the new school year started, employees from local companies came by to set up a computer room, and to put a new blackboard in every classroom.

schulstart escuela honduras
schulstart escuela honduras

The big day

By sunrise on the 4th of February, the streets of La Ceibas were awash with children in school uniform. Laughing and chatting, they met up at the school gates, where they were warmly greeted by their teachers.

It was a special day for Escuela Lyoness as the children came back and the school halls were brought back to life. As the school bell rang, it wasn't just the start of the first lesson, but also another milestone on the way to a promising future.