Celebrating the national hero Lempira

Lempira was a leader of the Lencas, an indigenous tribe in Honduras. In 1537/38 Lempira united several indigenous tribes to form one army for a unified battle against the Spanish conquerors. He did not live to see the outcome of the battles and to this day his manner of death is still disputed, did he die in battle or was killed in an ambush attack? Today he is regarded as a national hero of Honduras.

Celebrating the national hero Lempira - Escuela Lyoness
Celebrating the national hero Lempira - Escuela Lyoness

In honour of this special day, each class performed parts of Lempira’s story in the form of plays and songs, thereby granting the audience a thorough understanding of Honduras’ history. The day also acted as a reminder of the country’s indigenous roots.

The day began with the students of the first grade. One student read a short biography of Lempira and they all sang and dramatized the song “Jelipita”. The class also performed a traditional dance rooted in the Honduran ancestry. The students from the second grade gave a great performance of the songs “Conosco a Honduras” and “Hondureño soy”.

Together with their teacher, the students from the third grade presented the dance of the “Inditos”. The third and fourth grade students chose to perform the tragic aspect of Lempira’s story: they dramatized the death of Lempira. And last but no least the students form the fifth grade made their presentation with the dramatization “La sucia” as well as the song “El barreño”. After the performances, the students held the election of the “India bonita” and “Indio bonito” at which several students from the pre-school, first and fourth grade were chosen as their Indians.