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May 2018
Thakurdwara, India
Dhara Children Academy

Alexander Kis
Alexander Kis

Renovation and Long-Term Support for Dhara Children Academy

Creation of an appealing learning enviroment

Dhara Children Academy provides Indian children with what seemed unattainable: an education. As an ongoing Child & Family Foundation project, the school was expanded and renovated. Thanks to the support shown by this charitable foundation, the school's functionality and teaching curriculum are ensured for years to come.


Education in India? A matter of price and caste.

The right to an education is an invaluable cultural human right. Many countries cannot grant each child access to an education on the grounds of the educational-political situation. In India, for example, most educational institutions are private and extremely expensive. The few government-funded schools are somewhat cheaper but are so overcrowded that only one percent of all children starting school are accepted. Without an education, the children are forced into child labour. Thus, a legally determined human right merely remains a forlorn hope.

Education for everyone – despite caste.

The Dhara Children Academy (DCA) is situated in Thakurdwara in northern India and has a very special significance in the country's educational system. The school currently teaches 130 children, irrespective of their religion, gender or caste – which is a very unique aproach in India. Orphans and children from the street also attend the school and are thereby given the chance for a better future. As a school that accepts students irrespective of caste, the DCA is an extremely important institution, in particular, as attendance is free of charge. Due to the unique and free of charge educational concept, it is all the more important to maintain this educational institution and to offer long-term support.


Poor Children in India - The Child & Family Foundation helps
Poor Children in India - The Child & Family Foundation helps
Poor Children in India - The Child & Family Foundation helps

Ensuring daily school plan implementation

Austrian association „Dhara Poor Child Education Support“ strives towards the same goals as the Child & Family Foundation and aims to provide children in India access to education. Child & Family Foundation supports DCA in the framework of an ambitious school project. The Child & Family Foundation puts great value on long-term functionality of the school and supports it in various areas. In this way, more children have access to a school education.


Onsite Status

The „Dhara Poor Child Education Support“ association started the school in a derelict house and commendably turned it into a private school. Children from poverty-stricken backgrounds can attend the school without paying a tuition or any other expenses. With a lot of care and dedication, the building - originally not intended as a school – was acceptable, but soon it was bursting at the seams. Up to three different grades shared the same classroom, mice ran around, water was contaminated and electricity was constantly interrupted, leading the school to close for months during Winter, due to the lack of heating.


Creating a positive learning environment

Top priority of the Child & Family Foundation was a general renovation and expansion of the school. Windows replaced holes in the walls, blocking cold Winter air and scorching Summer heat from pervading classrooms. Additionally, electric wiring was renewed, walls were replastered, the façade and classrooms were painted and new furniture was installed. Through support from the Greenfinity Foundation, a photovoltaic module was set up on the roof and two water treatment facilities were installed.


Opening and View to the Future

In April 2019, an inauguration party was held at the school. Thanks to Child & Family Foundation's assistance, another level of rooms was built atop the existing ground floor, expanding to a total of 6 classrooms. In future, up to 120 kids will be able to attend the renovated school. For 2019, installation of a computer lab is planned, to provide kids access to the digital world.


We thank all our supporters and partners for their help in making this project happen.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

Renovation and Long-Term Support for Dhara Children Academy

Projekt Location

Thakurdwara, India

Project period
Start: August 2018 - End: ongoing support
Convenantee group

120 children and adolescents in need

Project partner

Dhara PCES Unterstützung für Kinder in Indien (Austria)
Dhara Poor Child Education Support Society (India)

Dhara Children Academy