Bad, worse, worst

Datum: 10.9.2020

The current situation in the surrounding area of Thakurdwara is critical. Not only is our school closed and lockdown has stopped daily life in its tracks. It’s more often the case that the systems which these people use to survive, systems which are often based on somewhat instable foundations, begin to break down und the state of emergency which is prompted by this causes people to fall into poverty. Every day more people knock on our doors, asking for help. In most cases, they’re not seeking help with the local school or their children’s education, like normal. Mostly they’re asking for food, need access to medical care or just little things which in the current situation have transformed into the most insurmountable problems.

The concept of a normal lesson is unthinkable. So, our focus has shifted now away from purchasing books or computers and more towards trying to help where we can to ensure these people survive. Support us by making a donation so we can help even more people in crisis situations.


Image: Prashant Waydande/Reuters