Project visit in India!

Discussing the particular needs for support is best done on site. We therefore travelled to India in April, together with the Greenfinity Foundation, to personally visit the Dhara Children Academy.

We were heartily welcomed by our project partner and owner of the school Sanjeev Kr. Verma and his wife. Together, we discussed the details of the next few days as well as the most important points for future planning. A meeting at which all participants are sat at the same table and can personally observe the project site's current situation offers a lot more clarity than a mere Skype conference with an unstable internet connection could.

Dhara Children Academy, India - Education in India

After the first few days in India, we quickly came to realise that we are supporting the right project with the Dhara Children Academy. The children at this school are very eager to learn and we were able to witness their gratefulness for the opportunity to attend school both in class and when we visited their families.

Determining the particular needs for assistance is best done on site. And there are quite a few needs. Our project partner, the "Dhara Poor Child Education Support Society" is doing a fantastic job along with its supporters. But funds for renovating the buildings and ensuring the school's operation are often lacking. We are pleased to support this educational institution and the works have already begun.

The families not only offered us a warm welcome but had also prepared delicious Indian cuisine for us.

Dhara Children Academy, India - Education in India