Don't dream your life away - live your dreams

Don't forget to dream and make a child's dream of going to school come true

When did you last ask yourself: what would happen if...? Not all dreams must come true. Nevertheless, we should not forget how to dream. Our partner Wishbox4All helps you to do just this and supports, at the same time, children whose modest wishes are still unattainable.

A wish versus the reality on the ground

Children are capable of writing endless wishlists to Father Christmas - this is the case for nearly all children.  It is only the wishes themselves which differ. The children who visit our schools dream predominantly of a better life.

children still have endless dreams and wishes_pic mike arny unsplash
children are still able to dream Pic daniela Dimitrova from pixabay

But they also dream, just like any other child, of becoming a teacher, doctor or policeman - this wish or desire is mostly born out of personal experience, predominantly because they are helpful professions who want to bring about positive change: a parent is ill or has died, they know how important education is or have teachers who are important role models or they want to make their own country a better place.

In contrast to children living in industrial cities, these children's parents often don't have the money for a school education or there is barely any school infrastructure to speak of. Those who haven't been to primary school, have no chance at studying medicine. The more people who are supported in their desire to go to school, the more likely it is that their wish will come true.  In buying a Wishbox, you can help these individuals and do yourself a favour at the same time.

Time out from the everyday

To wish for something or to dream is not reserved for children.  For the most part, adults connect "to wish for something" with something that is achievable, necessary or seemingly necessary - and we often make these materials wishes come true ourselves.  Wishes often disperse more pressure than anticipation and, as adults, we mostly allow ourselves to be tempered by reality.  Should the wish serve no particular purpose, appears to be unrealisable or not sensible, then it is often discarded without giving the matter any further thought. 

Dreaming and wishing are a sort of "short holiday" from the everyday.  It stimulates our imagination, takes us to another world and can awaken untold forms of energy. 

Thanks to the Wishbox, you can consciously create this space in which to dream for yourself.

Create space in which to dream

Take a break from reality. Look for a cosy spot where you will be undisturbed, light a candle, allow yourself to be beguiled by a scent lamp or simply fall into hammock, spread the picknick mat out on the grass and watch the clouds drift by, put on your favourite music - whatever it takes to transport you away from the everyday.  Pose yourself the question: what would I do right now if I were to win the lottery? What have I always dreamed of?

Let your thoughts wander and whenever you come across something which grabs you and refuses to let you go, write it in your Wishbox.

Bewahre deine Wünsche in der Wishbox auf
Bewahre deine Wünsche in der Wishbox auf

Perhaps it is a dream which became a wish and pushes your life in a new direction and is not, then it could well be the case that it’s only a question of dreaming - to provide you with a creative journey away from the everyday.


And who knows perhaps the dream will become a reality?