Preserve childhood dreams with the Whishbox4All

Preserve wishes using the Wishbox and make the lives of children in need better.

Who can remember what they dreamed as a child? Give your children a tool with which they can preserve their dreams and fish them out when they're older and have a little giggle about them. 

As children we made many wishes and had many a dream. Wouldn't it be funny if you could stand in front of your former childhood self and listen to your wishes? Using the Wishbox, you can make the wishes of the little dreamers living around you come true. Simultaneously, you can grant disadvantaged children access to education.

10% of the sale proceeds from the Wishbox4All is donated to our projects.

Make memories

As a child, we often dream of many things. Unfortunately, we lose this characteristic. As we get older, we become more realistic and lose more and more time in which to dream. All too quickly, dreams are analysed, within seconds, according to feasibility and reason. 

This is a shame as our wishes are a source of great energy. Childhood wishes can remind us who we are before life became too serious for its own good. When we see and hear these wishes again, this reminds us perhaps of our childish lightheartedness - or, at the very least, makes us laugh.

Preserve wishes - make wishes come true

Perhaps you can't remember what you dreamed about as a childm but with the Wishbox you can help little dreamers in your area to preserve their dreams. 

In the Wishbox, you can preserve your wishes like a secret and be a little creative at the same time in designing your little treasure chest.  As you become an adult, you can fish out the Wishbox, fill it up with more wishes or, later, simply remind yourself of your childhood dreams. 

Kinder in Armut
Bildung für arme Kinder

Simultaneously, you will make the wishes of disadvantaged children come true by purchasing a Wishbox as 10% of the sale proceeds is donated to our projects and makes it possible for socially- and economically-disadvantaged children not only to dream of an education but to actually go to school.