Make dreams come true

Hold on to your dreams and make the wishes of disadvantaged children come true.

The process of making a wish, expressing it and sticking to it is essential if you would like to try and make a wish come true.  With the Wishbox, you can hold on to your wishes in the most lovely way imaginable.  In doing so, you are also making our wish come true: to give disadvantaged children, teenagers and families a better life - because Wishbox donates 10% of the proceeds to our projects. 

Our dream of a better life for all

When we set up the foundation, with just one employee, over 10 years ago, we would never have thought: that we would one day be active in over 40 countries, 90 projects, support more than ten schools and be meeting partners along the way who share our vision and have a very big heart.

But, we have always held on to this vision and are thrilled that you are also able to make your dreams come true with the help of our partner and their Wishbox! How though? This you will find out now!

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Transform a dream into a wish

Dreams tend to come and go or, put another way, appear often to be unattainable.  They are often confusing and fickle in their nature.  This often prevents us from believing that they could ever come true or from forgetting them with ease. 

"Dreams are confused, intangible - wishes, on the other hand, give us reason to propel our life in the direction of making them come true."

The power of the written word

Be aware of your dream, put it into words and transcribe it to paper - or pop it into your Wishbox. In so doing, your fickle dream will be transformed into a conscious wish. 

Set aside time to do this! The Wishbox helps you in that you don't simply scribble down your wish on a scrap of paper and then lose it, instead you set aside time for your wish: you don't just acknowledge your dream, you also lovingly create the box in which your wish will then be kept.  This entire process is a source of positive energy.  This becomes a form of small ceremony which stays fixed in your memory - and, by extension, you wish does too. 

Wishboxto take care of your dreams
write down your wishes gives them a special energy and more likely to come true

Never underestimate the power of a wish

When you have committed your wish to paper for the first time, this is a little like formal recognition of the wish and has the effect that it consolidates itself in your subconscious and then pops up in the conscious part of your brain again and agin, just like a sailor who sets sail for a specific course.  The wish and all that which is connected with it enters our mind and, in so doing, steers our perception.  Are you aware of the feeling? You wish to purchase a red car and, suddenly, you see more red cars than ever before. 

Wishing works just like this.  Our perception focuses on all things connected with the wish - however, all of a sudden, just by chance, the subconscious enters reality: for example, a book on the topic falls into your hand or you notice a specific object for the first time. 

"The tradition, "conscious wishing", has existed for thousands of years in a wide variety of forms.  Yogis come up with sankalpas, buddhists consolidate their energies by reciting mantras, psychology makes use of affirmations and athletes benefit from visualisation."

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If one has anchored his wish in the subconscious, then it is more difficult to let go of it and the thoughts pop up again and again: Without even thinking about it, one discusses these topics with friends - the wish is them imbued with power of its own: it is not so easy to shake it off - and, by chance, someone gives you a tip, lets you know about a contact or you hear from someone who had wished for the same thing and how they managed to make their wish come true. 

Once the wish has taken root, it prompts us automatically to take action. We go and look for the course which will get us where we would like to be career-wise, we run regularly to achieve sporting goals which we have set ourselves or we eat more fruit and vegetables to stay healthy. 

Self fulfillung prophecy

Self-fulfilling Prophecy

The effect is perhaps similar to that of the well-known self-fulfilling prophecy: One believes that something will turn out a certain way and behaves in such a way that this does, in fact, take place. 

Perhaps, it would never have happened.  However, due to the fact that one then acts in a certain way, in turn making the likelihood of it happening greater, whatever it is then does take place. 

How to express your wishes to make them come true:

  • A wish from the heart always comes from within; when you think about said wish, it warms your heart.

  • What is it that you wish for yourself? Be as precise as possible.  So, instead of wishing that you will meet your "dream woman", have a think about what characteristics the person with whom you live should have so that you feel comfortable with the situation.  Instead of wishing for a better job, have a think about what you really want from your working life and career, how should your working day and the working environment look?

"Another advantage of writing down your wish is that it commits you to the wish to a certain extent.  This will help you during perionds when you have perhaps lost motivation or stamina."

  • Express your wish in the present tense. "I am happy" instead of "I will be happy"

  • Always try to express it positively.  So instead of saying "I don't want to be single any longer" or "I don't want to worry anymore", perhaps your wish should be "I am brave".

  • Visualise: How will things look when your wish has come true, how does that feel? What will your life look like then?
    How do you feel after you've just crossed the finish line of a half-marathon? What does it feel like when you go to your next party wearing a cocktail dress and carrying 20 kg less? What will your life look like when you live in your house in the countryside?