A test of character

South Africa and all its educational institutions was hit hard in 2020 by the pandemic which holds the world in thrall. The schools were shut for months, people lost their livelihoods and families were forced to spend time at home together in cramped conditions as part of a lockdown which they themselves weren’t quite able to comprehend. Our school too was affected by the government’s restrictions. Since then the school and the local community have been fighting to maintain a degree of normality, but just as you thought things had returned to normal, new restrictions appear which prevent normal lessons from taking place.

But just as Nelson Mandela said, we will keep trying to stand up and go on our way. We are counting on your support and hope that we can meet the challenges to come with the help of many.

“The greatest thing one can achieve is not never to stumble, but rather to get up, dust oneself off and walk on.” – Quote Nelson Mandela