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January 2019
Surjan Nagar, India
Shanti Public School

Bruno Michl
Bruno Michl

Renovation and expansion of the Public Shanti School in India

A rich country with a poverty-stricken population

India is, after the People's Republic of China, the country with the largest population in the world.  It’s only a matter of time until China loses its hold on first place.  The subcontinent where more than 122 languages and roughly 500 dialects are spoken is not only shaped by cultural diversity but also by a multitude of issues.

Surjan Nagar
Surjan Nagar

Poverty, diseases, hunger, an unimaginable level of pollution, a disastrous educational system and child labour are just some of the challenges with which the inhabitants are confronted with on a daily basis.  Children are the ones who suffer the most in this seemingly hopeless landscape.  They are often introduced to the world of work very early and thus have little or no chance to better themselves with the help of education and, due to this lack of perspective, never manage to leave their home town.


„Shanti Public School“ - a beacon of hope for children

That's why it's our goal to move towards improving the living conditions of the inhabitants, particularly children, with the help of our partner organisation, Dhara Poor Child Education Support Society.

Shanti Public School

The Public Shanti School is located in a tumbledown farmhouse on the edge of the village of Surjan Nagar. When it was founded in 2016, the school had only 20 pupils. Over the past few years, more and more children wanted to participate in lessons, meaning that in 2018, more than 50 pupils were going to school here and are taught in the two 15m² classrooms. 

Shanti Public School building
Shanti Public School building with solar sail
Shanti Public School building

In summer, the two classrooms are significantly expanded using a large sun sail under which the lesson can take place out of doors. It's thus possible for the children, who belong in five different classes, to be divided up into three groups, for the purpose of learning.  As the school building is not suitable for use in winter, the school has to stay closed over the winter months.


Together we are strong

To create an adequate learning environment for the children, we want to renovate the school completely and to expand it by building a minimum of three classrooms.  This should make it possible for the school to divide up the classrooms according to educational level and to hold lessons all year round.  Furthermore, with the help of the Greenfinity Foundation, we should be able to guarentee that the school have access to drinking water by processing the water directly on site.  Solar panels should help the cover the school's energy needs.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Project Goals

Komplettsanierung und Erweiterung der Shanti Public School, um das Lernumfeld zu verbessern und langfristig bis zu 100 weiteren Kindern eine Ausbildung zu ermöglichen.

Projekt Location

Surjan Nagar, Indien

Project period
Jänner 2019 – Ende 2020
Convenantee group

100 Kinder aus sehr armen Verhältnissen aus Surjan Nagar

Project partner

Dhara Poor Child Education Support Society

Shanti Public School