Adult Education

May 2019
Parajuru, Brasilien

Projeto Textil – improving the social and economic situation of women in Parajuru

Education is the key to a better future, and that is exactly what Brazilian women should achieve through our project.

The province Ceara in the northeast of Brazil is especially marked by poverty and a high unemploy-ment rate. In the fishing village Parajuru (6,000 inhabitants) the unemployment rate is at 80 per cent, especially women have almost no chance of finding work. Because of this project these women shall now get the chance to receive vocational training (courses in sewing and tailoring, handcraft courses).

Upcycling as a basis for education and financial income

This cooperative project of the Association Associação das Costureiras Artesanais e Educação Sustentável de Parajuru and the Child & Family Foundation was started in 2007 by Juliane Cichy and the Festerplatz association. It includes vocational and further training in sewing and tailoring as a basis for a future occupation.

Major attention will be paid to sustainably using and re-utilising regional materials (e.g. sails, kites, transport bags). The tailored products (e.g. bags, beachwear, souvenirs) will be sold in the project shop on site. Also individual pieces can be made upon request.

Brasilianische Frauen beim Nähen

The profits of the products sold will support the women’s self-employment. Thus, also their families can be supported.

Nähkurs für brasilianische Frauen
Nähkurs für brasilianische Frauen
Nähkurs für brasilianische Frauen

Planning and creating an adequate course program

During the first six months of the project time the focus was on preparing and developing courses for the target group on site. Further focus was on acquiring course participants and on organisation and preparation work for the courses (e.g. acquiring materials and tools) as well as on installing successful marketing including product development and pricing. In addition, a legal identity of the project was created.

During the project’s second phase concrete courses are implemented together with the beneficiaries. Creative inputs and know-how in the field of designing and developing new products were given by Fensterplatz - Initiative for unemployed people ( Association based in Austria) in the first phase of the project implementation.

Nähkurs für brasilianische Frauen
Nähkurs für brasilianische Frauen
Nähkurs für brasilianische Frauen

A successful project empowers Brazilian women to build a better future

At the moment women learn textile processing and to acquire the ability of designing and developing new products independently.

Brasilianische Frauen machen eine Ausbildung

By successful sale of these products (also includes pricing, calculation, marketing, accounting, acceptance of orders) they shall establish an economically and independently run enterprise.
The things learned in the courses shall provide a basis to the women on which they can vocationally gain ground.

The Projeto Textil is entirely supported by the Child & Family Foundation. At the moment 2-3 courses in sewing and tailoring and two other courses with other creative focus are carried out annually. Throughout the year, a free English course is offered in the project.

At a glance

Projekt Info
Projekt Location

Parajuru, Brasilien

Project period
since Mai 2012 - ongoing
Convenantee group

Young women without employment in Parajuru (Brazil) and the surrounding area

Project partner

Associação das Costureiras Artesanais e Educação Sustentável de Parajuru

  • Creation and implementation of courses in sewing and tailoring as well as two other creative focuses for young women
  • Recycling of materials from the region
  • Selling the tailored products and providing financial support to the women and their families with the proceeds