New students in Projeto Textil

In mid-February and thus at the end of carnival four new students started their six-month sewing and tailoring training in the “Projeto Textil” in Parajuru, Brazil.

Recycling Project in Brasil - Projeto Textil Child & Family Foundation

Graca, Claudenia, Joziane and Rejane are very skilled and Vania Garcia de Lima, the trainer in this project, is very pleased with their commitment and the basic sewing techniques the young women have learnt previously. In the upcoming weeks, in addition to the different sewing techniques, the new students will learn how to cut and sew different garments and also attend an English language course.

Eglailton Monteiro, our English teacher in the project, appreciates the motivation of the new participants and will teach them the basic vocabulary of the English language in the next couple of months. Claudenia, one of the new students, is very happy that she was admitted to the project. After finishing her training she would like to open a small tailor shop at her home.