Pre-Christmas To-Dos for Projeto Textil: End-of-Year Review and Annual Plan

We used December to draw up a summary of Projeto Textil.  We also reflected on our goals for 2019 and put together a financial plan for the coming year.

As of year's end, Projeto Textil's last courses entered their final phase.  As well as setting up training sessions for the pupils, the project managers also had to take care of some administrative matters concerning both last year and next year.  As with every year, of particular importance was the general evaluation meeting, during the course of which all of the relevant project stages for the previous year were analysed and the budget and financial strategy for the coming year was planned.

Projeto Textil bald auf Reisen?

A major challenge for the coming year is the project's location as the house in which the project has been run to date, is due to be sold at the beginning of next year.  The Projeto Textil team is already looking for alternatives – we'll soon find out the results. Then we can make some decisions and ensure that all participants can focus their energies on women's education once again.