A library for the Holy Trinity School

In 2019, head master, Frederick Akhelumele, put his project into action: a school library for Holy Trinity.

Books are a luxury which tend not to feature in the everyday lives of most people in Uromi.  This means that the vast majority of the pupils have barely any access to literature outside of school.  Thus, the school management is keen to get the children and teenagers acquainted with the world of books and to get them excited about reading. 

The benefits of a school library

The quality of the lessons should now improve thanks to the school library and the fact that the children now have access to numerous books and school textboooks.  Another advantage is that many parents can save on expensive book purchases for their children and the necessary specialist literature can be provided to each and every child.  Additionally, regular reading has an exceptionally positive influence on the development of language skills and helps the children to acquire knowledge and to broaden their horizons.  Although the "School Library" Project is still in the planning stages, everyone involved is looking forward to having a library at their disposal.  Both Frederick and the pupils can barely wait to say "Welcome to the World of Books!".

Eine Bibliothek für die Holy Trinity School
Eine Bibliothek für die Holy Trinity School