1-year anniversary under special circumstances

Only 8 months after the opening of the new building, the pupils had to stop going to school and learn from home.

January is well known in Mexican culture for the 3 Kings celebratoin (Los Reyes Magos). On this day, children receive gifts just like a second Christmas, but this time the gift-givers are the 3 Kings Melchior, Gaspar und Balthazar, as depicted according to Christian traditions. Professors organized a party and gifts and organised a fun day for the children. Weeks later, they visited one of the largest educational museums in the city of leon where the children could play, experiment and learn new things.

In March, the government requested  closure of all educational institutions. This measure has affected schools in marginal communities terribly as the lack of internet and technology in the children's homes prevents distance learning. It is a sad fact that even nowadays, most of these children do not have access to a computer at home or wifi, things which are considered to be normal in most parts of the world and modern society. The children of Escuela para el Futuro live in one of the poorest towns not only in the entire region but in the whole Mexico.
Up to now, teachers have been trying to continue teaching and delivering content in any possible way: whatsapp, telefone calls, personal visits, photocopies... their love of creativity and commitment to their mission has prompted our kindergarten teachers to seek new ways to reach out to more than 90 pupils at the Escuela para el Futuro.

Unfortunately, most of the children's parents have not received a basic educatoin and it is not easy to ask them to help their children even with basic tasks. Some parents have said that "they are also learning alongside their children".

In Mexico, the situation is not getting any better and will probably to stay this way until 2021. The CFF is looking for new methods to maintain the level of education these children will need to attend the 1st class of elementary school next year. However, as in many other poorer regions of the world, survival, social and financial problems come before education. For this reason, we have had to double our efforts to continue supporting our children from Escuela para el Futuro!