World Children’s Day is just around the corner…

World Children’s Day is just around the corner and we thought we would take this opportunity to get in touch with the Child & Family Foundation and find out what’s going on at their schools.

But what about children in India?


On the second Sunday in June of 1857, Reverend Dr. Charles Leonard, an American pastor, based in Massachusetts, held a special Sunday service, dedicated to the children in the congregation. This one man paved the way for Children’s Day as we know it today, which now takes place on 1st June in many countries. The day itself aims to promote cultural exchange between children and adults, understanding among children and global children’s welfare. Now, this coming Tuesday, we’d like to have a special focus on India, as this is a country where both our schools’ pupils and millions of other children are currently suffering the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sadly, not everyone is able to follow some of the most basic hygiene rules because they don’t have access to one very important key ingredient: soap. So, this Children’s Day, we’d like to work to make positive change and give the Child & Family Foundation schools in Thakurdwara, India access to this vital life-saving component. What’s brilliant about this, is that to make this dream a reality, you need only give a little bit back. And in giving back just a little, you are helping people to help themselves, a crucial part of the Child & Family Foundation’s work. This is what makes what they’re doing so sustainable.

What can we do about it??


If we look back just six months, we’ll remember that the Child & Family Foundation and its pupils received a truly impressive donation of nearly 23,000 EUR from Jean Paul Schoor and The Black Diamond Team. Christmas time is well known for being a period of giving and generosity, but the team’s contribution made a huge difference to our work at the schools since then. Now, if the Child & Family Foundation were to receive that amount of donations or more right now, they would be able to make a real difference to the situation in Thakurdwara, India.

Here’s the solution:


So let’s join forces with the Child & Family Foundation and give them that little push that they need to help their pupils in the current crisis.


To make a donation, simply click on the following link: