The Child & Family Foundation

The Child & Family Foundation is a charitable association based in Graz, Austria, which supports children, adolescents and families in need around the world.

Since 2008, we have been spanning cultural and ethnical borders to provide support for children, adolescents and families in need under the guiding principle of “Education. Opportunities. Future”. We support various education measures, focusing on the theme of “education for all”.

Worldwide education projects

By constructing or improving schools in socially and economically deprived regions of the world, we help enable or improve access to education. In addition, we aim to improve the living conditions of financially, physically or mentally handicapped children, adolescents and their families.

How we finance our work

We finance our charity purely through donations and sponsorships from individuals or enterprises. In particular, the long-term partnerships with various enterprises and educational sponsorships enable us to implement our sustainable education and aid projects.

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Our team

Our committed Child & Family Foundation team spends each day working to improve the life of numerous underprivileged children, adolescents and families.

Nina Passegger


“I think it's excellent to have the opportunity to help others and to support those who are worse off. Every day we do our best to procure positive effects through our work. I hope we can implement many more projects that support even more people and make the world a fairer place.”

Nina Passegger Director Child & Family Foundation
Child & Family Foundation Team Stefan Brandl

Stefan Brandl

Project Management

“As project manager of the Child & Family Foundation I'm often on project sites, which is really interesting as you can learn a lot from each culture. Not everything you consider normal really is normal for everyone. If I could wish for something it would be that humanity would live in harmony with nature, and that there would be no violence, no grief, no illnesses, and no death.”

Alejandro Najera

Project Management

“I find working for the Child & Family Foundation very fulfilling. I am able to build bridges between generous people who are willing to help and poor people in need. As a globetrotter, I am also very interested in the Foundation's international reach. Other ways of living inspire me, they provide me with new input for my own life. Based on my experiences, I want people to be happier with what they have.”

Child & Family Foundation Team Alejandro Najera
Child & Family Foundation Team Han-I Leiner

Han-I Leiner


“I believe that work should have purpose. I wish for people to be living securely and in peace on our planet, for nobody to suffer from hunger and for environmental damage to end. So I'm really glad to be able to contribute to this with my work at the Child & Family Foundation. I also have the pleasure of  working with very friendly colleagues here. But of course, those who need our help take centre stage. This type of work has also shaped my approach to life: my problems are nothing in comparison to some others.”

Our management

Nina Passegger - Chairperson


Nina Passegger


“I'm proud to take over the function of chairperson. Children are very important to me. Only by facilitating education can you provide support and create a positive effect in the long-term. I believe that everyone is obliged to play a part in ensuring that children do not suffer from hunger and receive a proper education. Children are our future.”

Bettina Rieger - Deputy chairperson


Bettina Rieger

Deputy chairperson

“Education. Opportunities. Future. Our projects at the Child & Family Foundation exist to provide children and families in need with these central elements of life. Through donations or sponsorships every one of us can contribute to improving the quality of life of poverty-stricken children worldwide. For this reason, I'm glad to be part of this association and of this immensely important mission.”

Monika Murárová - Treasurer


Monika Murárová


“In the course of my training and work in children's homes, I was in contact with children and families with adverse fates pretty early on. Since I've become a mother myself, such situations affect me even more directly. In my opinion, it is very important to support children and families in times of need, and to provide them with the chance of a better life. The Child & Family Foundation has already achieved a great deal. It has enabled numerous children to attend school, enjoy a warm meal a day or have new opportunities in life. I'm proud to support the association by being part of the team. Get on board and help us to make life that bit better for young people in need.”

Birgit Windisch - Secretary


Birgit Windisch


“There is an unimaginable amount of poverty in the world. Particularly children who grow up in such poverty are often refused the chance of education that would give them a better future. Personally, I find it particularly important to help the weakest and to support them in accessing education. The Child & Family Foundation organises various school projects that provide these children with more opportunities in life.”