Which dishes are on the menu at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School?

We decided to take a look in the bubbling sauce pans on the hob at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School to get an idea what was going to be served as part of the new nutritional program.

The children visiting the Amina Zwindila Foundation School have been receiving substantial school meals since January.  These measures should combat the lack of nutrients and malnourishment and thus improve the pupils' quality of life. In doing so, the school ensures it is providing a balanced, regionally-appropriate diet.  But what sort of things do they eatin Nigeria?


Stews are very popular in Nigeria.  These often comprise crushed grains and tubers and have a porridge-like consistency.  Not only meat but root vegetables, yam roots or sweet potatoes are the main components of Nigerian cuisine and, alongside plantains, are some of the country's main sources of nutrients. In the school kitchen, they make sure that the dishes are rich in nutrients and filling enough, despite the school's minimal budget.  Rice, beans or corn are particularly well-suited in this case and are particularly popular.

feeding program Amina Foundation School
feeding program Amina Foundation School

Monday: Rice

'Jollof rice' is a Nigerian rice dish which is made up of rice, tomatoes, tomato puree, onions, some cooking fat and goat or beef meat.  Due to the colour of the tomoatoes, this speciality is often called 'Red Rice'.  The rice dish is refined using different ingredients - at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School they like to serve it with eggs to ensure that the dish contains the relevant protein.  Are you curious and wish to try out the 'Red Rice' yourself? Here you can find a simple recipe.


Tuesday: Bean Stew

Bean stews are very filling and simple to prepare.  Thus ideal for a school kitchen as they can be cooked up in big portions. 


Wednesday: Corn Stew

On Wednesday, 'Gowte' is on the menu, a traditional Niegerian corn stew.


Thursday: Yam Root

Nigeria is the biggest yam producer in the world.  This tuber looks visually similar to a sweet potato and grows predominantly in the tropics where it is not only considered to be an important source of nutrients but also an important plant used for medicinal purposes. 

Yam stew is a soup-like stew which can be made in a multitude of different ways.  Sometimes fish is added, sometimes vegetables - Thursdays are never samey at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School.


Friday: Rice

The weekend is celebrated with a rice dish which an egg sauce can be added to now and then. 

Are you now keen to sweat over a hot stove and try out Nigerian cuisine for yourself? Then grab your wooden soon and think of the pupils at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School whilst recreating these delicacies! Make a contribution to the nutritional program and support the project with a little donation!