A better future for people in need

Even if we're often not aware of it, many of us are lucky enough to live in a country where we want for nothing. However, a well-functioning educational system and welfare state are by no means a given in many parts of the world.

"Our vision is to change the lives of people in need for the better in order to provide them with a brighter future."

Children without education
Happy children

Changing things for the better

The Child & Family Foundation wants to help people from deprived regions to benefit from improved access to education and help them to build a brighter future for themselves. It is our long-term vision to support people all over the world in actively working towards positive change in their country of origin, thus ensuring fair, safe living conditions.

How our vision is coming true

Our guiding principle in making this vision come true is: “Education. Opportunities. Future.” By means of education, we want to create better opportunities for the future, because we believe that education is the pathway to a better life. This is why we see the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child from 1989, that aims for every child to have access to education, as the basis of our work.

Education for everyone

Education for everyone

However, about 60 million children worldwide do not currently have the chance to even attend primary school. We want to provide as many of these children as possible with access to education and to improve the quality of education in poorly developed regions.

Education for everyone
Promoting girls' education

. For this reason we support the construction and improvement of schools in underprivileged regions of the world under the theme “education for everyone”. We also implement measures in the field of adult education with the particular aim of helping women to enter the labour market in spite of lacking or incomplete school education.

Helping people help themselves

All in all, these measures aim at helping people to help themselves, so they can take their lives and their future into their own hands.

Classes in Nigeria

It starts with basic needs

In order to provide children, adolescents and families with a better future, it is often necessary to first cover basic needs like health, food, clothes or housing. This is where we come into play with immediate aid and aid projects.

Solidarity and integration

For people who have to deal with poverty as well as physical or mental handicaps, or who cannot be taken care of by their family, life is often pretty hard. We want to give such people positive experiences with activities like our “Angel for a Day” events or the children's flight days.

We also support children's homes, day-care centres and handicapped facilities as these often only receive low budgets and little attention in our society.

Our goals

  • Improving the living conditions of financially, physically or mentally disadvantaged children, adolescents and their families.
  • Creating opportunities: education as a key aspect that helps people to take their life into their own hands and build a positive future.
Computer classes in Nigeria
Projeto Textil
  • Improving quality of life by furthering education.
  • Improving opportunities on the labour market through education, particularly for women in poverty-stricken regions.
  • Achieving equal opportunities for children, adolescents and young adults with special needs by means of various education programmes and support measures.
  • Creating access to education by building schools.
  • Creating access to sound education free of charge in poor regions with comparatively high education costs and poor public facilities.
  • Enhancing the quality of education by renovations and infrastructural improvements, and creating an acceptable learning environment.
  • Encouraging personal responsibility and solidarity.
Construction of an infant school in Mexico
New school in Honduras
  • Helping people help themselves by means of new opportunities and support.

  • Integrating physically, mentally and socially disadvantaged people into society through events like the children's flight day or the “Angel for a Day” project.

    Supporting, in particular, children's homes, handicapped homes and social facilities that run on a low budget with covering basic needs.

An exciting day for socially disadvantaged children
  • Providing positive experiences to underprivileged people with Christmas projects or event days to show them they have not been forgotten.

Our values

  • Solidarity is at the centre of our actions. We don't want to close our eyes to the grievances of our world.

  • We want to implement measures with long-term effects and not score with short-term actions.


Help instead of looking away
  • It is of great importance for us to be reliable in our care for the people we help. We want them to be able to count on our long-term support in order to work as freely as possible on improving their future.

  • Cooperation is essential for sustainable aid. We work together with the people in need and together we look for solutions. That's how we create support that can be understood and lived in different countries and cultures and is therefore effective.


Help together
Developing projects together
  • We support people by prompting them to move in a positive direction and so help them help themselves. However, we don't force our help on anyone and step back where our support is unwanted.
  • We are totally committed to all our projects and dedicate all our efforts to them.

    Everything we do, we do with complete professionalism. We apply high standards to our work because every person, whether in need or not, is entitled to high-quality support.
Full commitment for the good cause
  • For us, magnanimity doesn't end at the office door. Our work shapes our lives and we also use our spare time to help others.