Welcome 2020

After a successful start to the school year, the Christmas break gave pupils and teachers a chance to recover after the excitement of the first term.

The first set of examinations were held at the end of November in school year 2019-2020. During this month, the school held an Open Day for parents and the teachers were happy to introduce themselves, present their lesson plans and answer questions. On December 13th, the school went off on Christmas holidays after throwing a small celebration, where canapes were served and Christmas Carols sung. On 6th January 2020 classes resumed and normal school life began again.

During the early part of the year, the project director, Mrs. Amina, made the biggest purchases for the school using the donations from the CFF. Some of these items included school uniforms, sportswear, books, notebooks, food for the nutrition program, etc. As the prices rise each year, the school must acquire as much as possible at the beginning of the year to ensure that they pay the most reasonable prices for the best school materials. During the first week of February the teachers attended their annual training day where the following topics were covered:


•    reading in the early years
•    use of the school library and creation of a class library
•    literacy centres
•    story telling techniques

The first big celebration of the year is usually Valentine’s day and, as usual, the school produced special themed food and treats for the children. A few weeks later, the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, disrupting the entire country and all children had to adapt to the new world order. In Nigeria, classes were neither suspended nor schools closed. Nevertheless, the measures affected the educational system. Children were not allowed to play in the courtyards or meet up before and after school. Hand sanitisers and cleaning habits were reinforced and social distancing made life at the school quite complicated.