The wait and the hard work were worth it!

After a difficult 2020, involving many unexpected global changes, the work was finally finished!

This year has not been easy for anyone. Our school renovations ground to a halt for a long period and, even after society reopened in many countries, further progress was delayed due to pandemic measures. The CFF, together with the Creaid and Enjetare NGOs, planned to provide the children and teachers with a brand new compound during the summer of 2020, before the beginning of the school year 2020-2021. Border closure and local lock downs prevented this from happening. However, thanks to the professional management and commitment on the part of Enjetare and Creaid, the works were only delayed by two months.

Shimbwe Chini Primary School pupils
Refurbished classrooms

And so, on 15th September 2020, following a very simple ceremony on the first day of the new school term, the pupils and teachers started the school year in new classrooms, with new windows and in a new school building altogether.

School grounds
Newly-painted exterior

Thus, the CFF proudly collaborated with the school authorities, the Enjetare and the Creaid Organisations and, thanks to the generosity of Nicola Domini and his team, to provide more than 250 students at the foot of the Kilimanjaro with an educational paradise, a wealth of opportunities and a future for years to come.

School exterior
Blackboard in refurbished classroom
Refurbished school exterior