Valentine's Day is the day of love - a value that is of great importance at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School.

Valentine's Day traditionally serves to show others that you care for them and love them. Having love and esteem for those around us is an important lesson at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School. For this reason, it's the school's tradition to look after less privileged people on this special day.

Setting an example to others

The school's owners started the day off by visiting widows in surrounding the region, keeping them company and bringing them a small gift such as corn, rice, beans, palm oil, etc.

A day of looking after disadvantaged people

The students at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School also embraced these values. On Valentine's Day the school bus, packed with the students from the fourth and fifth grade, teachers and presents, made its way to the "Open Doors Special School" and the Gyero orphanage.

"Open Doors Special School" and the Gyero orphanage.
At the "Open Doors Special School" the head boys and girls distributed sanitary products to the facility's students, who were delighted with the gifts. The public Gyero orphanage, that currently looks after 90 orphaned and abandoned children provided the students with a tour through the school and the children's home.

Amina Zwindila School - Valentine's Day

They were deeply moved by the insights into the lives of these children who were not lucky enough to be raised by their own parents. The aim of the visit was to create understanding and to break down barriers, in keeping with the guiding principle "We are all the same". At the same time, the children at the orphanage should see that they are an important part of society.
Numerous presents were handed over and joint activities were undertaken which brought great joy to the children. The highlight was a football game in which the Amina Zwindila Foundation School's team had to admit defeat. Even if the game was lost, importance was placed on certain values on this special day and new friendships were made.


Amina Zwindila School - Valentine's Day
Amina Zwindila School - Valentine's Day

Everyone can give to others

The gifts the children at the institutions received was primarily financed by the school's founders and owners. However, the students were also expected to organise small presents such as shoes, clothing, food or sanitary products. The aim of this task was to prove that regardless of the quality or quantity, every single one of us has something they can donate. It was incredible to see how hard the children were trying to make a difference. Some of them even grouped together to buy products, such as a packet of washing detergents.


Teaching the little ones important values

The youngest students at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School who were still too young to take part in the excursion, were taught important lessons back in the classrooms. The kids from the nursery and the students from the first, second and third grade watched films that dealt with the values of courage, love, commitment and team spirt.