Tutoring sessions ensure successful culmination of primary school career

The children living at Pauline Children's Home are now ready for the new school year

Over the course of an entire school year, a tutor visited the external residential group at Heidehaus and helped the primary school children, belonging to clinical diagnostics group 9, to make progress in their academic work.

Eight children usually live in the external residential group.  After school, they eat lunch together and then get on with their homework.  Some of the children are able to do theirs on their own, however many need a bit of help and encouragement.


Thanks to additional support which the tutor provides, she was able to help every child with learning disabilities.  The children have benefited enormously thanks to regular lessons in the form of one-to-one teaching.  Their school marks improved and they began to have success at school – and that's the most important thing in our opinion – as they started to enjoy learning. 

Funding measure Children's home Pauline
Funding measure Children's home Pauline
Funding measure Children's home Pauline

All children who have benefited from tutoring over the past year were able to progress into the next school year without the need to retake.

The children will now be able to meet the demands of the new school year as they have managed to learn skills which will help them to study on their own more productively.