True heroes get active!

Every little initiative is appreciated so much by those in need

Marek Pietrych and his team turned into superheroes at the open house at the SPS Technologies, UK, and raised money for our projects.  

Marek Pietrych is not the kind of person who turns around and walks away when help is needed. According to our motto “True heroes don’t hesitate”, he made use of the open house at the SPS Technologies in Leicester, where he and his team transformed into superheroes.

Nothing could stop them to promote our Child & Family Foundations vision, not even the pouring rain and never lost their good mood. Altruism does not only make those smiling, who are benefitting, it makes those who are helping happy, too.

 Wahre Helden werden aktiv! Fundraiser

Thanks to their tireless efforts, they were able to win many hearts and collect donations for our projects.


Do you want to become a charity hero, too? Then start a fundraising campaign or donate for the benefit of our initiatives.