True heroes do not hesitate!

Turn hopelessness into a promising future.

Poverty ‒ a force from which there is no escape in many regions of the world. The biggest enemy to be defeated here is the lack of access to education. We can't just sit back and do nothing. Can you?

Thirst for knowledge instead of starvation wages

Globally, 60 million children of primary school age don't attend school. They would love to hit the books, but instead of homework, they have household chores to do. Many children don't go to school because they need to take care of their siblings and do housework. Others need to contribute to the family income. About every tenth child worldwide has to perform child labour.

Ohne Bildung bleiben die Menschen in Armut.
Kinder ohne Schulbildung und Zukunft
Keine Schule Keine Zukunft
In der Armut gefangen

Does this sound like a promising future?

Often, families cannot afford to send their children to school. However, without education it becomes very difficult for them to progress. If you cannot read or write, you are heading into poverty. If you haven't learnt a trade, you will face difficulties finding work. And if you do find work, it probably involves low-paid tasks that don't cover your living costs. This completes the vicious cycle: without enough money, your children cannot attend school or even have to contribute to the family income as you did.



Education not exploitation

School education is the first step towards fighting poverty and child labour. The school projects of the Child & Family Foundation aim to improve the lives of underprivileged children and families, and provide them with a better future by means of a sound education.


Looking closer instead of looking away

Many of us seem to live in a perfect world, where we see nothing of the misery of poor people. But is thise misery really concealed or do we just close our eyes?


Take a stand.

Education can change these children's lives for the better and pave their way out of poverty. Use your powers to provide someone with a better education.

Campaign for education.

Be a hero. Make things better. Change the world.