Tremendous success of our first CFF Power Women’s Day!

We are incredibly excited to share with you the tremendous success of our first CFF Power Women’s Day! 


The atmosphere was gigantic and far exceeded our boldest expectations. Over 50 power women from Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, and Hungary traveled specifically to celebrate womanhood with us, to build a network of ambassadors for our two foundations, and to lay the foundation for a new Women Leadership movement within our Shopping Community.


Trailblazers like Sarah Oberlerchner (Prokuristin at Lyconet), Anna Teissel (Managing Director of myWorld Greece), Fjolla Holzleithner (CEO of Dayholi), Claudia Hilger (CL 6 Lyconet Senior Ambassador Germany), Sabrina Kogler (CL 5 Lyconet Ambassador Austria), and Nicole Schmäh (CL 7 Vice President Switzerland) allowed the participants to partake in the secrets of their success through inspiring speeches and provided insights into their own career paths, making it clear through sometimes very personal insights: Much is possible when one believes in oneself and one's success and does not let setbacks discourage them.


In addition to energetic talks, business photoshoots with advice and preparation by our longtime myWorld partner Absolute Beauty by Veronika Gupper, we had exciting insights into the world of our myWorld partners Cleanly Eco, Greenfinity Foundation, Lyconet, Onesense, Dayholi, SilberPfeilEnergiedrink and travelWorld. After a surprise visit from Hubert Freidl, Peter Gruber, and Radovan Vitosevic, there was also plenty of space for exchange and joint brainstorming. Brilliant ideas and project plans emerged from this, and we are already looking forward to starting their implementation!