Support our Flight Days 2019 for disadvantaged children!

Every little contribution helps to give children an extraordinary day.

Disadvantaged children and their families are often do have a harder time in life than others. Just as in previous years, we want to give these children, teenagers and young adults a day full of joy and let the dream of flight come true!

Togehter with the help of our supporters and volunteers we want to put on a Flight Day for disadvantaged children, teenagers and young adults. With your support you can ensure that there will even be two such events taking place this year. 

To give joy to needy children in Austria
To give joy to needy children in Austria
A day full of joy for children and adolescents in Austria

One of them will take place at the Whiskey Distillery and Café Lounge Peter Affenzeller in Alberndorf/Upper Austria and another in the grounds of the newly-erected equipment depot located in Gnas/Styria.  The goal is to provide 200 children and their parents and guardians with a lovely day spent at a huge children's festival, to treat all participants to a culinary experience and, as highlight of the day, organise a flight in a helicopter for all programme participants.

To make all of this possible and to bring a smile to the faces of our guests, there is still much to do.  To make the preparations of this big day happen, we need your support to be able to offer these young people as many attractions as possible on this very special day. 

Thus our big request for a little contribution to ensure the realisation of this fantastic project.


What we want to achieve:

  • Ca. 80100 helicopter flights for 300 – 400 guests
  • Refreshments for more than 400 children and young people with disabilities and their chaperones but also for the many volunteers
  • Craft supplies for the games' stands at the children's festival as well as at least 400 commemorative tshirts which can be painted on
  • Prizes for your tombola
  • A bouncy castle and other attractions


We hope that we have been able to draw your attention to this great event with our appeal and we hope very much that you will decide to make a donation towards this cause.

To give you an impression how much fun this event was for the participants last year, we would like to share some comments made by a participant last year:

"It was fantastic! I was really nervous. My favourite parts were when the engine started and then the moment where we could look down on all the houses."

Unterstützung für beeinträchtige Kinder und Jugendliche in Österreich
Unterstützung für beeinträchtige Kinder und Jugendliche in Österreich