Support initiative – 300 honey jars for the non-profit association Eve's Help Club in Vienna Floridsdorf

In recent months, the number of people who are forced to do at least some of their shopping in a social market has risen steadily. At the same time, the amount of food that ends up in the trash every day is also increasing. Cecilia Tardon, operator of a social market in Floridsdorf, decided with her non-profit association Eve's Help Club to stop watching this development and instead to take action and do something about it. This is how the project "Noch gut" (Still Good) came into being, which aims to save as much food as possible from being wasted and to provide the customers of her social market, but also other interested people, with food boxes at a reasonable price.

An idea which we fully support. Together with our partner association Greenfinity Foundation and our donation partner myWorld Austria GmbH, we have therefore decided to contribute 300 honey jars for the project and for the Gerasdsdorfer food bank set up by Eve's Help Club, which will be made available free of charge to the customers of the social market and, above all, will also benefit the guests of the food bank.


Those who know us are aware that we don't just want to get to know our partners and the projects we support only on paper. We want to meet the people behind the projects to get a feel for them and their work and to be able to see for ourselves on site how a project is implemented. That's why we set out in person on September 25 to meet Cecilia Tardon and her association and to get an idea of the social market in Floridsdorf and the organization of the food bank Gerasdorfer Tafel - an opportunity we also used right away to hand over 300 jars of honey.

Honey is often a luxury that especially people with very low incomes normally cannot afford. This generous donation is a real blessing for my customers and especially for the people who come to our food bank to eat.

 - Cecilia Tardon