Support campaign - 300 honey jars for the VinziWerke Graz

Currently we are touring Austria with our partner Greenfinity Foundation and our donation partner myWorld Austria GmbH, supporting institutions that assist and care for people in need with organic honey. Of course, the VinziWerke in Graz was a stop on the tour. After all, they are one of the most important points of contact in Styria for people in a wide variety of emergency situations.

The Vinzenzgemeinschaft Eggenberg has been helping people in need in Graz unbureaucratically and quickly since 1990. There are now 40 VinziWerke institutions in Styria, Vienna and Salzburg, where up to 450 people receive shelter every day and 1400 people are provided with hot meals and food.


On October 6, we visited the VinziMarkt in Eggenberg for the entire VinziWerke and took the opportunity to hand over 300 jars of honey to support the clients and customers of the Vinzi community.

Our main goal is to draw attention to the situation of people in precarious life situations as well as social injustice and to call for solidarity and compassion. If we all pull together, we

can help to improve the lives of many people in various situations of need. We sincerely hope that this campaign will motivate others to contribute and help within their means.