Support campaign - 300 honey jars for the homeless shelter of the Association Verein Betreuung Orientierung in Wiener Neustadt

On October 10, the World Homeless Day, we made our way to Wiener Neustadt together with our partner association Greenfinity Foundation and our donation partner myWorld Austria GmbH to hand over 300 jars of organic honey to the homeless shelter of the Verein Betreuung Orientierung (VBO). This great initiative came about through the courageous mediation of Rainer Spenger, member of the provincial parliament and deputy mayor of

Wiener Neustadt, with whom we have already worked together in the past for social projects.


For the honey delivery, we have deliberately chosen October 10, the day that was designated more than 10 years ago as the World Homeless Day. The day of action was created to sensitize the world to the difficult situation of homeless people.

Talking brings people together. This was also the case in this instance, when we became aware of the important work of the VBO for Wiener Neustadt through a conversation with Rainer Spenger. Homelessness is a topic that is unfortunately still swept under the table far too often in public. In Austria, we are fortunate that there are well-organized associations and organizations that try to help, but despite this, there are unfortunately still far too many people who have to live without a roof over their heads. With this initiative on this year’s Homeless Day, we want to help raise awareness of the difficult situation of homeless people and call on all of us to make a joint contribution within our means to help.

- Heidemarie Kipperer