Stormy times in Nigeria

For some time now, Nigeria has been suffering from an economic crisis. The impacts of the price increase can be visibly seen at the empty garden bars - after work drinks are no longer affordable. But the consequences have a far greater reach.

1 month's salary for 50 kg of rice


For some time, Nigeria has been suffering from an economic crisis, descent in oil pricing, retreat of investors, which can often be lead back to the influence of the terror organisation Boko Haram, and missing local production capacities have also had a great effect on the country.

1 month's salary for 50 kg of rice
Nigeria - Stormy times

The inflation rate is currently at around 16%. The impact of the price increase is clearly visible at the garden bar: the chairs remain empty. The middle class, who could previously afford to have an afterwork drink, remain absent. The price for 50 kg of rice is now equivalent to one month's salary.


Times for the Amina Zwindila Foundation School are also getting harder. School books that cost 3,120 Naira two years ago, are now priced at 4,100 Naira.
Regarding this rise in prices, it does not come in handy, that, in the course of the evaluation of the summer training the school had been advised to upgrade teaching materials such as dictionary or wall clocks for the class rooms.


Staying safe during thunder and lightening


Violent storms and heavy rainfall characterised both May and June. Aside from the buildings, the school's photovoltaic system is especially endangered during thunder storms. The system provides the necessary energy in order to pump water from the well. A simple solution with a huge impact (on safety): a new lightening conductor has been installed in order to safeguard the school and its photovoltaic system.