Selected for the 'John Maxwell Team Leadership Program'

School director, Amina Zwindila, is very pleased to learn of the high standard of education which she offers at her school.

The Amina Zwindila Foundation School was in the privileged position to be selected who for the global youth initiative John Maxwell of 2018 in the federal state Jos Plateau.

The five schools selected from the entire federal state of Plateau are given the opportunity to participate in the renowned training program for managerial positions, the John Maxwell Team Leadership, Coaching, Speaking und Training Development Program.

It is a great honour for a school, which was founded by a visionary thanks to a private initiative only a few years ago and started off with a nursery for just five children, to be chosen for this training scheme as part of a leadership educational program based on a global youth initiative.

John Maxwell Team Leadership Program Nigeria Amina
John Maxwell Team Leadership Program Nigeria Amina

"Become a better leader and sculptor of the future."

The very fact that the program has chosen to focus on the topic of "How to become a better leader" makes it a very appropriate course for the Amina Zwindila Foundation School as it reflects the ethos of their foundation: the opportunity to give children the chance at a high-quality education so that they can be a catalyst for great change and lead their country into a better future.

Within the scope of the youth initiative, workshops were offered for pupils of the 3rd, 4th and 5th classes on 18th October at the school. These were held by Odeyemi Olayiwole, a certified John Maxwell Leadership Coach and Trainer.

John Maxwell Team Leadership Program Nigeria Amina
John Maxwell Team Leadership Program Nigeria Amina

Character building makes for stronger leadership

"How does one develop a positive image of oneself?" and "How does one develop a strong sense of character?" were the two questions posed during the course and the young future school leaders were required to discuss.

Both are exciting questions which the pupils could make good use of during their career - and the tips which they received during the course may well be called upon quite soon.