Saying farewell to the fifth grade at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School

Another 25 students have successfully completed their five-year education at the Amina Zwindila Foundation School in Nigeria. The celebrations included a ceremonious handover of the report cards as well as certificates for those who have enabled these students access to education.

Receiving an education is not a given in Nigeria.  It is therefore even more joyous for the students, teachers and parents when the youngsters follow through with their education to the very end.

Especially in politically uncertain times, such positive events are even more important as they are a symbol of hope for a better future.

The current situation in the Plateau state in Nigeria in which the school is located is precarious. The smouldering conflicts between the farmers and the shepherds, who are most often nomads, is currently escalating. Several houses have been burnt down, approximately 100 people have lost their lives and the fear of revenge acts is strong among the population.

For security reasons, the school's closing ceremony was moved up from 21 July to 14 July 2018. On account of the above, the mood was slightly subdued, but the events could still not temper the delight and enthusiasm among the students.

Amina Director Graduation
Graduation Celebration Amina
Group Graduation hats

A fantastic day with many awards

Numerous students, teachers and parents attended the 25 children's special day. All graduates received their official report cards and certificates (school testimonial state and local government education certificate). In addition, prizes and certificates were distributed for outstanding achievements in various subjects. Th special day and the students' amazing accomplishments were also celebrated with a communal dinner.


Joining forces for a better future

Receiving an education in Nigeria is hardly possible without the family's commitment. Ensuring that the students not only take part in school activities but also attend class each day is an important part of maintaining the school's operation. However, the children are often needed at home to support the family's income and can therefore not regularly attend school. In addition, the family members often lack a proper education themselves and find it hard to understand and help the children with their school work.

A small token of appreciation and recognition was therefore awarded to the committed parents in the following categories: most committed parent, early submission of homework, special diligence.